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Patient safety

The Danish Medicines Verification Organisation (DMVO) was founded on 21 November 2016. It is a limited liability partnership set up to establish, administer and operate a national data storage system in accordance with the requirements of EU legislation.

​The EU Directive on Falsified Medicine (2011/62/EU) basically requires all prescription medicines to have the same safety systems by way of sealed packs and pack-specific 2D barcodes. This makes it possible for pharmacies and wholesalers to verify products' genuineness. It will also be possible for OTC products to be covered by the scheme eventually but not in the first instance.

The aim of the Directive is to improve patient safety by preventing falsified medicines from getting into the legal distribution chain.

>>The genuineness of every single pack has to be checked before being dispensed to the patient.<<

​The verification system must be implemented and taken into use within 36 months of the delegated acts of the EU Commission being published, which was February 9. 2016. The European Medicines Verification System was operational from February 9. 2019.

In addition to enhancing patient safety, the new verification system will also lead to better control of expiry dates, better adverse reaction monitoring and better stock control processes.