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DMVO is experiencing alerts caused by products released prior to FMD. As DMVO is monitoring incoming alerts daily, alerts are handled but DMVO would appreciate if active batches released prior to FMD would be uploaded retrospectively.

In week 20, 63 products with a “2”-tag was added to the medicinal price file. A “2”- tag in the file implies that there are no more packs of that specific product on the market, released prior to the Falsified medicines Directive by 9th of February 2019. Therefore, triggered alerts must be investigated, and the packs put in quarantine during the investigation until the investigation has been finalized.

DMVO has derived much value from the comments given in the customer survey. It clarifies and provides DMVO insights into what is needed, wanted and how DMVO can become better at assisting. Based on the comments stated in the survey, DMVO has subtracted action points. Below are examples:

•    Actively share tendencies from other EU countries
•    More frequent updates of Q&A on the homepage 
•    More detailed information on the alert procedure
•    Wider and far reaching information to the stakeholders of DMVO


DMVO continues to investigate and lowering the number of alerts.  DMVO would like to take the opportunity to underline the importance of continuing the verification of prescriptive medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The European Commission expresses concerns due to the increasing online supply of false medicines for treatment of COVID-19. Through continued verification prior to delivery of a drug to the patient, it is ensured that the counterfeit drugs are kept out of the legal supply chain.

DMVO will focus on lowering alerts throughout 2020, in order to minimize resources for the entire supply chain investigating alerts triggered by technical or procedural errors.

Caps Lock causes scanner issues. In order to minimize unintended “serial numbers not found” – or ”pack not found” alerts due to scanner configuration issues, it has come to our attention that turning of Caps Lock on the key board has a positive effect and can lower false alerts.

One tim set off- and annual fee DMVO 2020.

Upgrade of Danish Medicine Verification System (DMVS)

OBPs are receiving alert messages in a new format.

Experiences after FMD Directive came into force.

The Pharmacies have started testing interfaces on their new robots.

First falsified packs identified by the EU FMD system.

The Danish Medicines Verification System has now been in use for more than 2.5 months.

In continuation of the directive on Falsifield Medicines (2011/62/EU) per February 9, 2019, DMVO would like to share insight on how it has gone in Denmark.